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Clip / Tie wrap for the wine or fruit trees

Reference : ATV65
Length : 65 mm
Wire diameter : 4 mm
Weight : 3 g

Clip lenght 65 mm snaps a finger on thread the support and maintenance wood or guardian.

The loop allows you to leave the tie hanging after size. Deforms with the magnification of the strain or trunk.

Also easy to palisser kiwi and other fruit as well as small-medium tomatoes

Hanger entirely rigid plastic wire of 7 mm.

Reference : CI44, CI39, CI44ANT
Width : 440 mm
Wire diameter : 7 mm
Weight : 76,5 g

Hanger adult size 44 cm wide (shoulder) all colors as possible.

Are closed hook: Burglar

Plastic hook with a loop at the bottom resealable thanks to the flexibility of the plastic thread to support a large weight tès

Reference : CV40100F8
Width : 110 mm
Height : 200 mm
Inside diameter 1 : 40 mm
Inside diameter 2: 95 mm
Wire diameter : 8 mm
Weight : 40 g

Locking hook with a loop on the same plane, fully insulating plastic wire.

Pauses for storing heavy loads like a pipe, an electrical cable, a strap or rope on a handrail or a peak.

Special plastic tarpaulin hook to clip on a bar.

Reference : CR4020
Height : 105 mm
Inside diameter 1 : 30 mm
Inside diameter 2: 25 mm
Wire diameter : 7 mm
Weight : 20 g

Clothing or fancy door hanger to hang in offbeat clothes and utensils.

Reference : SUPMAN5
Width : 115 mm
Height : 430 mm
Inside diameter 1 : 90 mm
Wire diameter : 8 mm
Weight : 172 g

 Support scarves, clothes stand, slings and wears scarves.

To pause scarves, hats and coats superimposed manner to save space in a closet or a community cloakroom.
Hang and easily store your textiles presentation on sale.

Pig Tail insulator spacer for electric fence tape PVC.

Reference : N7040
Weight : 34 g

Insulator Pig Tail retractor passing for wooden post with 2 screws (provided) to attach to the side of the post.

Perfect for corners or for aligned fence does not hurt the horse if he appuit against.

For electric fence wire or rope and ribbon 10mm to 40 mm width.

2 dimensions and possible references:

N7040 distance of 8cm wood post.

N7140 spacing of 19 cm wood post.

Support for multiple bottle.

Reference : YMS.SF
Height : 380 mm
Inside diameter 1 : 80 mm
Inside diameter 2: 160 mm
Wire diameter : 8 mm
Weight : 160 g

Support bottle to hang from the shower mixer to keep up the bottle of shower gel or shampoo.

Colored, design and clever, avoids piercing the faience to fix a tablet.

Spring-loaded, allows to quickly dry baby's soaps or toys.

Indispensable for equipping your bathroom or small spaces, original gift for home or decoration.

Reference : CL25N,32N,42N

Closing insulator "Pig Tail" for poles of 5 to 48mm in diameter or screw on wood

Reference : N50-ruban40

Pig Tail insulator for tape up to 40mm, to put on round poles with a diameter of 5 to 50mm (please specify).

The tape fits easily and remains isolated from the post.

Reference : EN1200B
Wire diameter : 12 mm
Weight : 1200 g

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