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Agraphe reliever reusable PVC plastic wire 10 seasons for trellising vines.

Reference : RE20N
Width : 30 mm
Height : 10 mm
Wire diameter : 4 mm
Weight : 2 g

Rings 2 towers of maintaining water tube or dripper hoses on the support wire for trellising and irrigation irrigation system.

Reference : AX2t28
Weight : 2 g

Ring to tighten and easily maintain the drip water tube on the carrier wire trellising systems for irrigation of vines or fruit.

Fast and easy installation by wrapping the flexible ring around the tube and thread; the inner diameter of the lower ring holding the hose clamp on the trellis wire.

White or black anti-UV PVC material supporting the efforts and the expansion of the dripper system.

Available for pipes 16 - 20 - 25 and 32 mm.