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Reference : CR7050
Height : 175ámm
Inside diameter 1 : 70ámm
Inside diameter 2: 50ámm
Wire diameter : 10ámm
Weight : 60ág

S plastic hook suspension opened reversed direction wire 10 mm.

Reference : CR3030
Height : 100ámm
Inside diameter 1 : 30ámm
Inside diameter 2: 30ámm
Wire diameter : 6ámm
Weight : 12ág
Plastic hook esse opened in reverse direction (same plane) inside diameter 30 mm x 30 mm ditto up and down. (over 6 mm). Many colors available.

We can decline this hook in size: 10 x 10 mm (over 3 mm); 25 x 25 mm (over 5 mm); 70 x 70 mm (wire 8 or 10 mm).

PVC plastic is made absolutely no metal core.

This plastic wire is rigid but accepts a deformation at the opening for the introduction or clamping on a handrail or a metal bar.

Reference : CR2020
Height : 70ámm
Inside diameter 1 : 20ámm
Inside diameter 2: 20ámm
Wire diameter : 7ámm
Weight : 8ág

Plastic hook S-shaped inner diameter dimension 20 by 20 mm.

Ability to change the form of cut (long or peak);

Many sizes available and different diameter top and bottom as possible; We also specify the overall height desired.

Reference : DBCR
Width : 100ámm
Height : 40ámm
Wire diameter : 5ámm
Weight : 10ág

Hook esse open even feel inside diameter of 30 mm ditto up and down many colors available.

Reference : CRochet

Large plastic hook

Reference : CRA80/120F16
Height : 270ámm
Inside diameter 1 : 80ámm
Inside diameter 2: 120ámm
Wire diameter : 16ámm
Weight : 90ág