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Stabilizer expandable pot holder

Reference : PPOT14/26
Width : 250 mm
Height : 130 mm
Inside diameter 1 : 140 mm
Inside diameter 2: 260 mm
Wire diameter : 7 mm
Weight : 150 g

Pot racks stabilizer against the wind to diameter of flower pots 14-26 cm.

Prevents reversal of potted plants.
Available in white and black.

Attachment Clips “bamboo”

Reference : Bamb25
Inside diameter 1 : 25 mm
Wire diameter : 4 mm
Weight : 6 g

Attachment clips to attach bamboos together or bamboos supports to hold the plant dimensional brace up to 25 mm

Clip / Tie wrap for the wine or fruit trees

Reference : ATV75
Length : 75 mm
Wire diameter : 4 mm

Longer than 1 cm from the clip Prénas 65 mm, this new dimension easier to have the ability to ask more better match the shape of the figoureuses strains.

Made in imputrécible matter and anti-UV guarantee, it is also shock-treated to resist the many demands of the wind or the heavy load of fruit.

Available in black and white.

Plastic hook with a loop at the bottom resealable thanks to the flexibility of the plastic thread to support a large weight tès

Reference : CPB35B
Width : 175 mm
Height : 390 mm
Inside diameter 1 : 35 mm
Inside diameter 2: 160 mm
Wire diameter : 10 mm
Weight : 100 g

Plastic Hook 90 ° with a reseable loop at the bottom fully insulated blue plastic wire 10mm diameter.

Pauses for storing heavy loads like a pipe, an electrical cable or rope on a handrail or a peak.

Clothing or fancy door hanger to hang in offbeat clothes and utensils.

Reference : SUPCRAV
Width : 100 mm
Height : 340 mm
Inside diameter 1 : 48 mm
Wire diameter : 8 mm
Weight : 106 g

Support tie or belt.

The effect of spring product turns pinching and maintenance of the inserted tape.

Pig Tail insulator spacer for electric fence tape PVC.

Reference : N2240
Weight : 30 g

Tail PIG insulator spacer to fix on wooden post with 2 not supplied crampillons.

Entirely of plastic material for isolating wire or ribbon 40 mm wide.

Allows a distance of wooden poles:

Ref: N2240 spacing of 6 cm.

Ref: N2340 spacing of 16 cm.

Ref: N2440 spacing of 26 cm.


Support for multiple bottle.

Reference : MS.S2F
Height : 680 mm
Inside diameter 1 : 70 mm
Inside diameter 2: 160 mm
Wire diameter : 8 mm

Hold bottle to hang on the wall of the shower to keep the bottle of shower gel or shampoo up.

Colored, design and clever, avoids piercing the faience to fix a tablet.

Spring-loaded, allows to quickly dry baby's soaps or toys.

Indispensable for equipping your bathroom or small spaces, original gift for the home or in decoration.
Totally plastic, for use in the showers to hang height for shower screens away from children: shampoo, window scraper, washcloth and soap.

Closing insulator "Pig Tail" for poles of 5 to 48mm in diameter or screw on wood

Reference : N22

Insulator electric fence "Pig Tail" nail on wooden poles.

Attaches using crampillons not supplied, can bind with iron and twisted wire surrounded the post.

The most economical isolator installation, available for tape : N2240

Ideal for stakes fir mountain area, acacia, chestnut.

Reference : EN1200M
Width : 30 mm
Height : 45 mm
Inside diameter 1 : 10 mm
Inside diameter 2: 30 mm

Reference : CR2020
Height : 70 mm
Inside diameter 1 : 20 mm
Inside diameter 2: 20 mm
Wire diameter : 7 mm
Weight : 8 g

Plastic hook S-shaped inner diameter dimension 20 by 20 mm.

Ability to change the form of cut (long or peak);

Many sizes available and different diameter top and bottom as possible; We also specify the overall height desired.

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